about Nancy Anne

Eating, feeding and sharing the joy of food 🥂

about Nancy Anne

my cooking philosophy

I can help you make the most delicious vegetarian food and vegetable cooking in the whole wide world. This is a promise.

My recipes are aimed at enthusiastic cooks looking for new ideas. The key to great home cooking is to learn food, be flexible and only use recipes when you really need to.

My recipes highlight important details and technique that you can use again and again in future meals – these are tips and tricks I have learned and tested over many years that really make the difference for exceptional flavour and execution. These tips are also collected together on our members-only Cooking Technique page – everything I know about food, always being updated.

Recipes also include professional food styling tips to help you show the food at its vibrant, colourful best 🌈 – see more of my food photography and styling via my portfolio site.

my life in menus

I love nothing more than to eat.

The menus I created for this site are my life in food. I have eaten everything and cooked almost everything. These are the dishes on constant rotation in my home, the menu I cook from, the dishes I serve to my loved ones.

I have been lucky enough to experience many different cuisines, kitchens, restaurants and people in my life and they have all left a mark on my food.

Each item is truly, remarkably, delicious.

My love affair with food began when I spent a summer working in an organic café in the south of France. It was a revelation. I finally understood why people eat lettuce. A simple plate of sun-soaked leaves dressed with cider vinaigrette had become a feast.

So I ate everything.

I have spent the two decades since learning everything I can about food. I have worked in professional kitchens in London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Rome, studying vegetarian and vegan fine dining, Scandinavian brunch and baked goods, traditional Italian pizza al taglio, pastry and dessert. I have collected hundreds of cookbooks and pored over thousands of websites.

Fun fact – I am a highly trained professional pizzaiola.

Since 2017 I have developed over 200 recipes for Tesco magazine and website, with the magazine alone reaching 1.5 million people a month in Britain. If you live in the UK, you might have already tried one of my recipes 🤩

I look forward to sharing a lovely meal with you.

food loves

  • vegetarian food and vegetable cookery
  • cooking techniques, recipe development and flavour pairings
  • raw cheese, traditional cheese-making and cheese cookery
  • celebration meals and multi-course dinners
  • global food cultures, food histories and fusion cuisines
  • healthy food, nutrition and eating the rainbow
  • specialist and unusual ingredients
  • brunch dishes and brunch culture
  • food nostalgia
  • pizza craft and dough theory
  • sourdough and home bread-making
  • pastry and savoury pastries
  • cakes, desserts and home baking
  • pâtisserie and Viennoserie
  • fresh pasta making
  • foraging, wild food and mushroom hunting
  • craft cocktails and clear ice carving
  • food/drink styling and food presentation

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For my day job, I work as a food and drink photographer, shooting advertising and branding photography for some of the UK's biggest brands.

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