dinner menu

roast dinner • best ever pizza • housemade pasta • dishes from north/south/east/west

dinner menu

These menus are my absolute favourite things to eat. My menus are living, breathing documents that I add to bit by bit, as my food adventures expand.

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roast dinner


Creamy potato gratin pie
melting cheese centre

Cheese, onion and potato pie

Limoges potato pie
cream, yolk, shallot, parsley, chives, tarragon

Squash halloumi Wellington

Mushroom-Stilton Wellington

Deep-fried truffled brie, roasted artichoke purée

Caramelised goat cheese log

Fat four-cheese croquettes, crispy sage


Crispy olive oil roast potatoes, sage salt

Potato Dauphinois

Potato boulangère

Pumpkin, potato and halloumi gratin

Thousand layer chips


Cauliflower cheese

Cheese and leeks

Shallot tarte tatin

Roasted / seared / confit seasonal vegetables:
artichoke hearts / asparagus / aubergine / broccoli / Brussels sprouts / cauliflower / cavolo nero / courgette / purple sprouting broccoli / mushrooms / leeks / red cabbage / red onion / Savoy cabbage / shallots / squash


Peppercorn cream sauce

Mushroom sauce

Roasted aubergine purée

Roasted garlic sauce


Sage and onion stuffing, fresh herb butter

Yorkshire pudding

Griddled aubergine-halloumi pigs in blankets

Giant Parmesan crisp

Mushroom crackling

Mini Yorkshire fondue dipping pot


Stone-ground white and whole wheat mix, slow fermented
Baked in smoking hot cast iron

garlic bread

Four-cheese dough balls, wild garlic butter

Melty cheese deep-fried dough balls, baked in tomato sauce

Baked dough knots topped with mozzarella, garlic butter

Stuffed crust garlic bread, fresh herb-feta butter

deep-fried pizza fritta

Neapolitan margarita


Marmite, dried tomato, mozzarella, Comté

pizza al taglio

Fried potato, olive oil, rosemary, homemade mascarpone

Tomato, stracciatella di bufala, garlic, olive oil, fresh basil

Literally all the cheese

other pizzas

Cheese stuffed crust spiral, mixed seeds
A whole pizza made out of stuffed crust

assemble your own pizza

pizza sauces and veg bases

marinated mushrooms / melting juniper onion / broccoli purée / roasted aubergine purée / spinach-fenugreek curry / tomato-basil sauce / sliced or grated potato / blue cheese crème / pistachio crème / confit garlic crème / pecorino crème


artichoke hearts / walnuts / pommes frites / black/green olives / caramelised onions / pickled jalapeños / mac and cheese


fresh mozzarella / fresh buffalo mozzarella / whole burrata / stracciatella di bufala / scamorza / Ogleshield / Gruyère / Comté / Stilton / halloumi / mozzarella-feta-egg mix (adjaruli kachapuri)


cheese-stuffed crust / crispy, caramelised cheese crust / black sesame seeds / white sesame seeds / poppy seeds / nigella seeds / fennel seeds / mushroom salt


basil / cinnamon basil / oregano / coriander

crust dippers

aioli / coriander butter / fresh herb-feta butter / olive tapenade / roasted aubergine-yoghurt purée

house-made pasta

fresh pasta

Baked potato gnocchi

Fresh spaghetti / pappardelle / tagliatelle

Filled pastas:
four cheese / spinach-ricotta / roasted artichoke

pasta sauces

Sage lemon butter sauce

Four cheese sauce

Three blue cheese sauce

Crispy cheese, raw butter, black pepper

Garlic mushroom sauce, Stilton

Mushroom crème puddle

Slow simmered tomatoes, onion, butter, basil


Habanero chilli oil

pasta dishes

Roasted artichoke tortellini
mushrooms, smoked almonds, goat cheese

Cacio e pepe

Four cheese orzotto, basil leaves

Mac and all the cheese

Pasta shells, cauliflower purée, all the cheese

Tagliolini al tartufo
egg yolk tagliolini, black truffle, butter, Parmesan

Stuffed pasta shells, mushroom duxelles, spicy broccoli purée
béchamel, lots of cheese, herbs

main dinners


Portobello mushroom fondue burgers
sourdough focaccia, thinly sliced tomatoes, pickled onions, Dijon mustard, miso-coconut crème, fat chips

Battered halloumi, chips
lemon-pickled red onion, chilli, coriander chutney

Polenta grantineé, buttered leeks, Ogleshield

Sun-dried tomato polenta, cheese, fried / poached egg

Pumpkin, potato and halloumi gratin

Yorkshire cheese fondue
bubbling Yorkshire alpine-style cheeses, white wine, kirsch, sourdough

Raclette Anglaise
bubbling Ogleshield, white pearl onions, new potatoes


Jalapeño cornbread cheese on toast
chipotle caramelised onions, refried black beans, guacamole

Chilli cornbread, black beans, fried goat cheese, crispy potatoes
spiced vegetables, chipotle onions, avocado, pico de gallo, fresh coriander, hibiscus crema, tortilla chips

Crispy cheese corn tacos, Mexican rice, black beans
scrambled omelette/fried egg, pico de gallo, guacamole, crema

Tamales with halloumi, spinach, roasted peanut
guacamole, chipotle crema, green salad

Overnight smoky jerk tofu / mushroom / aubergine
rice and peas

Vine leaf-baked halloumi
barberry freekeh, Greek yoghurt, tomato avocado salad


Portobello mushroom and aubergine katsu
basmati rice, lemon-pickled red onions, green salad

Eggs Kurosawa
scrambled egg, sesame rice, mushrooms, avocado, charred bok choy, pickled ginger, crispy tofu, soy, chilli, nori, miso crème, spring onions

Japanese mushroom rice
sushi rice, mixed mushrooms, dashi, butter, chives

Miso-roasted aubergine dumplings
mushroom-sesame broth, seasonal veg, spring onion, crispy garlic, nori

Pressed aubergine layers with panko crust
marinated in chilli, miso, ginger, garlic, soy

Salt and pepper tofu
salt and pepper chips, egg noodles, egg fried rice


Coconut turmeric crepes, tofu
greens, herbs, peanuts

Thai green curry
homemade paste, green vegetables, cinnamon basil


Palak halloumi with fenugreek and fresh cream
basmati rice, greek yoghurt

Chana halloumi masala, roasted aubergine purée
fried potato basket, Greek yoghurt

Vada pau
soft bun, crispy potato ball, chutneys, spicy crunch, deep-fried chilli

Manchurian cauliflower / mushroom / halloumi / aubergine
hakka noodles, coconut chutney, coriander chutney

24-hour black daal, basmati rice
urad daal, spices, garlic, onion, butter, cream

Chilli-fried idly
battered fried idly, sautéed onion, pepper, spring onion

Veg biryani
seasonal vegetables with tomato, yoghurt, ginger, garlic, chilli, spices, saffron, fresh herbs, flaked almonds

food that truly delights