nibbles + snacks menu

nibbles • fried snacks • bread • flavoured butter • dips

nibbles + snacks menu

These menus are my absolute favourite things to eat. My menus are living, breathing documents that I add to bit by bit, as my food adventures expand.

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nibbles + starters

House-seasoned olives

Roasted artichokes, crispy sage
garlic mayo

Polenta chips
gorgonzola dipping pot

Chipotle cheddar pie pops
flaky butter pastry, sun-dried tomato, nigella seeds, crispy cheese puddle

Spicy tiropita pot
layered filo crisps, leeks, chilli

Gruyère gougères

Roasted aubergine wontons, chilli oil

Savoury carrot-coconut mousse

Carciofi alla Romana
braised artichokes, mint pesto, olive oil

fried snacks

Fried potato balls
halloumi, green chilli, lime

Crispy mac and cheese balls
chipotle aioli

Orzo arancini with basil pesto
melty goat cheese centre

Halloumi fries, crispy nigella seed batter
garlic mayo

Tempura oyster and enoki mushrooms
parsley-lemon batter, miso mayo, porcini dust

Carciofi fritti
deep-fried whole artichoke, pangrattato, aioli

Deep-fried truffled brie
roasted artichoke purée

Deep-fried artichokes, crispy sage tempura
garlic mayo

Kentucky fried halloumi nuggets
spicy dip

Tower of poppadoms
coconut chutney, coriander chutney

Chewy, crispy curried doughnuts
aubergine, garlic, ginger, spices

Gobi 65
battered spiced cauliflower, curry leaves, chilli, garlic

Halloumi majestic
cumin, curry leaves, crispy garlic, cashews, chilli, spices, coriander

Mushroom pakkoda
marinated mushrooms, ginger, garlic, chilli, coriander, spices

Tamil ulundu vadai
urad dal doughnuts, curry leaves, green chilli, coconut chutney

Rasam vada
urad dal doughnuts, rasam soup

Spicy peanut-crusted balls
garlic, ginger, chilli, soy sauce, spices, coriander, lime, rice purée

Wild mushroom spring rolls, truffle sour cream

Corn lime leaf fritters
peanut dip with lime, chilli

bread + butter


Moist, caramelised, chewy sourdough

Three-day sourdough focaccia, raw cultured butter

Olive oil focaccia with potato, rosemary, homemade mascarpone

Paper thin roti

Kerala paratha

Charred cheddar naan, coriander butter

Spring onion pancakes

Giant cast iron-baked Yorkshire pudding

All-butter handmade croissant

Tomato canelés, harissa butter

bread + cheese

House cheese on toast

Four-cheese dough balls, wild garlic butter

Baked dough knots topped with mozzarella, garlic butter

Stuffed crust garlic bread with fresh herb-feta butter

Focaccia di Recco col formaggio, stracchino cheese, crispy dough

Spinach feta börek

Twice-baked cheese croissant
béchamel sauce, sun-dried tomato purée, Gruyère, herbs

Spring onion scones, crispy cheese puddle

Cornbread with halloumi, sun-dried tomatoes, green chilli

Waffled onion and feta bhaji

bread + topping

Seasonal bruschetta
purple-sprouting broccoli / ripe tomatoes, basil / sautéed courgettes, thyme / roasted squash, feta


Coriander, garlic, chilli, lime butter

Whipped miso butter

Roasted garlic butter

Parsley, lemon and garlic butter

Sage / basil garlic butter

Avocado-goat cheese-lime ‘butter’


Roasted aubergine raita

Green / black olive tapenade

Chimchurri with parsley, garlic, chilli, lemon, olive oil

Salt and vinegar crisps seasoning

Fresh coconut chutney, green chilli, garlic, lime

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